Visit Semarang

The city's name derives from the Javanese words 'asem' and 'arang' which literary translate to 'scarce tamarind.' Semarang lies in the northern part of Central Java. It is a bustling mid-sized city with a population of 1.5 million.

"More a business than tourism destination, it nevertheless has its own charm with contrasting modern mid-rises, Dutch colonial architecture, Chinatown, and small "kampong" jutting against each other."

The city's weather is hot and humid, so wear light-colored cotton clothes. You do not need a long-sleeved shirt, instead a T-shirt and knee-long trousers are comfortable. However, some places like mosques (masjid) and temples require polite dress such as long trousers/skirts. Hot pants/mini skirts will attract people's attention in ways you might not like and might be considered impolite.